Trend File: 10 Jewelry Trends for 2018

3/5/2018 3:53:18 AM   Viewed 85

The topic was fashion jewelry trends likely to pop (or continue their ascension) in the coming year. Here are a handful of styles we’re betting on for 2018.

Have pearls ever been cooler? Perhaps not since Coco Chanel wrapped herself in dozens of luminous ropes.

Fantastic plastic charm necklaces for Spring 2018 solidified a trend that’s been brewing for some time, but continues to skew more whimsical and playful as it evolves.

Stripped down, oversized, handmade jewelry that borrows from tribal decorative traditions are especially hot with millennials and Gen Zers.

It’s become a celebrity staple, with designer Irene Neuwirth leading the pack in variations on the chain-drop style on the red carpet. No surprise why—it’s a look that flatters universally.

Cameos are decidedly Old World, but this look has become a street style favorite in fashion’s flashiest cities.

Jewelry incorporating color and illustration, via enamel and inlay, is having a bona fide moment in the style spotlight.

The romance and femininity inherent to vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry (we’re talking Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian, mainly) represent a pendulum swing from the sleek-and-simple styles that have been dominating in jewelry.

Post-back button earrings—a look that hasn’t been in vogue in years—are suddenly all the rage with younger jewelry lovers.

The brooch is officially back on the runways and red carpets—and younger consumers love pinning bejeweled brooches (bought at fast-fashion depots) to their jean jackets. A full-blown resurgence feels imminent.

Fashion jewelry buyers are gravitating to pieces that reflect a woman’s strength and power—looks with sword, shield, dagger, and royal crest motifs. Could it also be Game of Thrones’ influence on fashion?