September birthstone and sapphire jewelry

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What is the birthstone for September?
The traditional birthstone for September is the sapphire. Like the ruby, the birthstone for July, sapphires are mined from the mineral, corundum. In fact, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds have the same crystal and chemical formation. If the corundum is light pink to deep crimson in color, it is called a ruby. If it is green, it is called an emerald. If it is a deep, rich blue, it is called a sapphire. Corundum actually exists in all colors of the rainbow, but the red, green, and blue varieties are the most valuable.

What is the meaning of the September birthstone?
The term “sapphire” was coined from the Greek word “sappheiros” which means “precious stone.” These blue transparent varieties of corundum are among the highly priced. Sapphire’s sister gems are rubies, diamonds, and emeralds, which all come from the corundum.

Christians believe that sapphire’s color of deep blue has the biblical symbolism of heavenly grace.

What is the September birthstone color?
The finest quality of the September birthstone color, sapphire, comes in deep blue. The closer the stone is to a dark velvety blue color, the more valuable it is.

What is the history of the birthstone for September?
Sapphire is among the oldest gems known to mankind and revered in most parts of the world. In the early ages, sapphires were mined in torrents and riverbeds, where they had been deposited by strong forces of water. Today, sapphires are found under similar conditions.

The Buddhists refer to sapphire as the Stone of Stones, which gives spiritual light and brings peace and happiness to wearers who lead an honorable life. They also believe that sapphire will create the desire for prayer in the person wearing it.

In the Christian Church, the twelfth century saw Pope Innocent III declare that the ring of a Bishop would be cast from pure gold and set with an uncut stone. The uncarved stone would turn out to be the sapphire, since it is associated with revered qualities and virtues to match the distinguished position of a Pope’s badge.

The Jews also adored sapphire. The stone sealing King Solomon’s ring is believed to be a sapphire. According to Exodus, the Jews described Jehovah’s feet as appearing as “a paved work of a sapphire stone.”
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