Minimalist jewelry

2/28/2018 8:57:36 AM   Viewed 98

We all know that the minimalism has prevailed in recent years, especially among young people. Many of the more complicated jewelery are deeply loved. Minimalist jewelry has become the trend of 2018.

Minimalism has been popular in fashion circles in recent years. People are desiring fast but modern, classic but different. No matter from T stage to life, minimalism is the trend, and the perfect details are the most appropriate to truly inspire people. Minimalist style is not ordinary, but it seems very common in fact very powerful expert Fan children, that is, the legendary ignorant of Ming, back to basics master style.

Minimalism has spread to the field of accessories, compared to the exaggerated beauty before, this simple style is more likely to live longer, it is easier for everyone to manage.

Minimalist jewelry is generally the use of geometric elements, from the round, oval to hexagon, octagon, and then to the triangle, all appear in the jewelry.

Minimalist jewelry also has some precious stones inlaid jewelry, but the gems on the use of a relatively simple arc cutting gem, adhere to the consistent simplicity style. There are also round letters jewelry, is very suitable for mix and match with other jewelry.