Cocktail Ring

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A dazzling cocktail ring, far more than a diamond ring attractive, even if not drink good girl can wear such a. But for those of us who "eat fresh girls", precious gems can not afford to come, or to look good and cheap from the artificial jewelry in the fresh produce.

The cocktail ring is not really a "star" in jewelry, it dates back to the United States in the 1920s. At a time when the period of post-World War I was full of change, traditional values were hit hard by the torrent of the times, feminism rose, women went out of their families, started work, and socialized. They also wore pants, smoking and drinking as men Unbound life.

However, the United States was implementing the Prohibition Order at that time. It was not so easy to drink alcohol, and it was only pleasant to drink at some illegal cocktail parties. These trendy and rebellious girls just attending such parties will wear an exaggerated ring, hoping a toast, a subtle hand movements, ring to attract the attention of the people around. Therefore, cocktail rings since the birth of the establishment of a "play fine" people.

And we found it? Generally identify the identity of the ring, such as engagement rings, wedding rings, etc., are worn on the left hand. But the cocktail ring is different from them, it is only worn on the right hand, has nothing to do with identity, marital status, etc., only to show themselves, so the cocktail ring is also known as "the right hand ring" (right ring).

The gigantic ring, named after these "underground" cocktails, stopped "going" underground in the 1950s and instead walked to more advanced social occasions - a cocktail party of the upper class to date. It does not represent a subordinate relationship. It shows only the wearer's own real ideas and fits in with the ideas of more and more independent women in modern society. No wonder so many people like it.

Speaking of cocktail rings, the color must be in the first place, the performance of colored stones (artificial gems) can cast colorless transparent diamonds or simply a few metal jewelry Street! Maybe we humans are naturally interested in all kinds of colorful things. So if you do not know how to choose, put on a cocktail set with Citrine ring is correct.

In addition to the surface of the gem, if you like the shiny effect, you can also choose faceted gemstone ring, faceted more natural reflective than the arc rich.

In color matching, if you like the visual impact of the strong, I suggest you try the same or similar colors with, such as a few blue and white shades of blue, or with fluorescent green cocktail ring with a gold ring, with It is also easier.

Huge size is another notable feature of the cocktail ring, especially artificial gem ring, regardless of the high cost, the shape is more arbitrary. Such as the influx of people to wear two rings, not only have a large main stone, the circle around the stone also makes the ring appear more physical, standing opposite her, I do not believe someone can not see these rings.