Clavicle chain, Sexy necklace

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Sexy connotation than scale important. --Audrey Hepburn

There is a sexy, small and beautiful.

And has nothing to do with the dress, and the proportion of body has nothing to do, no luxury bags, do not have high lipstick.

This sexy, low-key introverted, jumped between the neck.

Use a refined and stylish clavicle chain, to redefine the sexy.

You do not need to deliberately please, you are only responsible for yourself.

Clavicle chain, came from the royal aristocracy.

This year has begun to pop out shoulder installed. Once worn bare-shouldered, had to be equipped with a clavicle chain.

In fact, such a method of wearing began as the prehistoric period during the French Revolution.

After the French Revolution, the beloved ladies who pursued freedom and trendiness transformed their traditional dresses into one-shouldered, undivided gowns and often used a clavicle chain to highlight their elegance.

And the key figure that really made the clavicle chain popular is - Princess Diana.

In May 1981 she boarded the cover of VOUGE, neck clavicle chain she set off more beautiful and moving.

Clavicle along with Diana's life, attended many important occasions, she will be carefully selected a moderate length of the clavicle chain.

Princess's aristocratic temperament highlights the unique charm of clavicle chain, and now, clavicle chain has almost become the heart of every woman's love.

A clavicle chain, interpretation of multi-faceted sexy

A delicate wild clavicle chain, never pick people. Whether you are cute, intellectual, or capable, or charming, choose the right clavicle chain, you can easily manage.

Usually busy, too late to dress up, but do not want to be too lazy. At this time a simple wild summer sand clavicle chain, it has become the crowning touch.

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Clavicle chain, dancer on a woman's clavicle;

A clavicle chain, or moving or static, or complex or Jane,

Interpretation of a woman a different kind of sexy.

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