Chinese popular earrings

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2017 what earrings? Rings and lines are the hearts of hipster stars love.
Long earrings compared to ordinary size earrings with unparalleled modification, especially for the round face makes the face look more gentle; the same time, the long earrings is to increase the gas field of the instrument, easily let you turned Royal Sister Fan.

Long earrings Pendants to add the bottom of the pearl, the overall temperament to adjust more gentle, daily can HOLD live.

Tassel earrings, the best show of female charm.

Earrings this year, but also the length of shoulder and stylish, in addition to luxury jewelry, as well as elegant Chinese tassel earrings. Chinese stars also dress their own beauty with earrings.
Not only long, but also enough exaggerated, do not underestimate the role of earrings, an earrings can enhance your fashion degree.

This year's earrings do not wear symmetrical, you can be a long one short, while a paragraph, or just wear one side, you feel free.
Pearl earrings is one of the most popular earrings this year.

Women are beautiful, it is beautiful is not the same. Do the most special self, start from a pair of earrings!

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