Amazing Wall Stickers

1/12/2018 5:33:15 AM   Viewed 244

Want to bring the playful warmth of jungle animals to your child's bedroom? In the past, decorating walls this way required sticky, pre-pasted wallpaper that was impossible to remove. But with advances in printing and printable surfaces, jungle wall decals and stickers are available these days that are both removable and repositionable. Every lion, tiger, elephant and monkey can come to life in colorful detail with vinyl jungle wall decals. 

Wall Stickers come in the form of murals, peel and stick appliques, and even single-application transfers. In mural form, a large pre-designed jungle wall scene is pieced together through the application of individual stickers and decals. There may be some flexibility as to how to set the mural up, and this is where creativity comes in. By supplementing your wall mural with a few extra sheets of jungle wall decals, you can add flora, fauna, wild animals, and anything else that sets the jungle mood. 

Freedom is your friend here, and the sheer variety of wall stickers and decals allow you to create anything you like on the walls of your child's bedroom. Jungle wall decals also come in different themes, from realistic to cartoonish. With the right ones, you can create the dark heart of Africa... or you can create a lighter, gentler jungle wall scene that would be perfect for a baby nursery decor. Many playful alphabet letters are draped with Wall Stickers, and these are great additions to young boys or girls bedrooms as well as playrooms too. 

No matter which safari-type setting you end up with, choose jungle wall decals that will complement your child's existing room or nursery decor. Get your child involved if you can, and use both of your imaginations to design the perfect bedroom. Most of all, have fun!